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Mission Statement


  • To enhance contact and communication among clarinetists and national clarinet societies.
  • To organize activities and events in collaboration with national clarinet societies.
  • To encourage and support European countries to found and maintain national societies by sharing experience and knowledge.
  • To support the International Clarinet Association (ICA) with the organization of ClarinetFests in Europe.
  • To disseminate and share information through a Facebook.


Membership ECA


To become member individually or as ensemble we should like to ask you to contribute the membership fee of 15 euro or 10 euro as student and of course optional donations are welcome? This helps us to maintain the website.


PayPal(*): send your membership fee + optional donation

to europeanclarinetassociation@gmail.com

with notification: ECA membership and your name


transfer your membership fee +

optional donation


IBAN: BE73 8909 9416 5660


with notification: ECA membership and your name


(*) It is very easy, free and safe to start an account with PayPal with a regular bank card or credit card - https://www.paypal.com . You will receive confirmation of your membership.

7th European Clarinet Festival is coming up in Porto, Portugal 15-18 December



http://apclarinete.wixsite.com/clarmeetporto/info (still developing)


Artistic Director: Nuno Pinto apclarinete@gmail.com




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