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The 12th European Clarinet Festival 


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Dear ECA Friends,


The 11th European Clarinet Congress has ended, but what an amazing festival!!!

Around 320 participants from 22 nationalities, live streams: what a success. Barbara Borowicz, Piotr Lato, Bartosz Sałdan and the many other visible and invisible team members did a mind-blowing job in organising this in very short time. Super congratulations: it was so heart-warming and feeding the soul. Thank you Krakow, Akademia Muzyczna im. Krzysztofa Pendereckiego w Krakowie and all the music industry. And not to forget the CORda CRACOVIA Orchestra - Maciej Tomasiewicz conductor, String quartets, the amazing pianists Wioletta Fluda-Tkaczyk & Ivan Pernicki, and many more...

12th European Clarinet Congress (or Festival) will take place in Tilburg, Netherlands 5 (or 6) till 9 December 2023 with artistic director Eddy Vanoosthuyse. More on this later.

We saw many old friends and we even made more new friends, many young upcoming talented players, all genres, and styles of clarinet playing were there, amazing programming of new repertoire, multiple soloists sharing double concertos and other pieces. Very nice equality in all aspects and great spotlights on the Eb, Basset horn, Bass clarinet, electronics and more cross-overs.

For those who could not attend in person there here are the links to livestreams and to help you find the start of the pieces I added some time info 


Wednesday 7 September: https://vimeo.com/746900893


FELIX MENDELSSOHN Concert Piece No. 1 in F minor Op. 113 & No. 2 in D minor Op. 114

(start at 27’35”)

clarinet Ecesu Sertesen / bassethorn Roman Widaszek bassethorn

CORda CRACOVIA Orchestra Maciej Tomasiewicz conductor


GEORGE PALMER It takes two concerto for two clarinets and string orchestra

(start at 46’25”)

clarinet Nathalie Lefèvre & Nadia Sofokleous

CORda CRACOVIA Orchestra Maciej Tomasiewicz conductor


ARTAN HASANI ECC 11 for 3 clarinets and string orchestra (world premiere)

(start at 1h08’53”)

Clarinet Barbara Borowicz / Nicolai Pfeffer / Piotr Lato

CORda CRACOVIA Orchestra Maciej Tomasiewicz conductor


JOHNATHAN RUSSELL Bass clarinet double concerto

(start at 1h18’28”)

bass clarinet Stephan Vermeersch / Lara Diaz

CORda CRACOVIA Orchestra Maciej Tomasiewicz conductor


Thursday 8 September: https://vimeo.com/747720317



(start at 20’’5”)

Bjorn Björn Nyman clarinet - Silesian String Quartet



(start at 54’47”)

Joë Christophe clarinet - Silesian String Quartet



(start at 1h27’53”)

Roeland Hendrikx clarinet - Silesian String Quartet


Friday 9 September: https://vimeo.com/748098697


BELA KOVÁCS Hommage à Manuel de Falla for clarinet solo

(start at 42'03")

FRANCIS POULENC Sonata for clarinet and piano

(start at 28'03")

BOHUSLAV MARTINŮ Sonatina for clarinet and piano

(start at 16'19")

clarinet Jan Czech - piano Ivan Pernicki


ALFRED SCHNITTKE (arr. Karel Dohnal) Suite in the Old Style

(start at 1h17'14")

LEOŠ JANÁČEK (arr. Shirley Brill) Sonata for clarinet and piano

(start at 1h35'04")

clarinet Karel Dohnal- piano Eliška Novotná


Saturday 10 September: https://vimeo.com/747944061


FRANCOIS DEVIENNE Sonata No. 2 for clarinet and piano (start at 5’38”)

WILLIAM BOLCOM Little Suite of 4 dances for e flat clarinet and piano (start at 57’06”)

JORGE MONTILLA Registro de Pajarillo e flat clarinet and piano (start at 1h05’24”)

WITOLD LUTOSŁAWSKI Dance preludes start at 28’41”)

Clarinet Jessica Bessac clarinet - Piano Wioletta Fluda-Tkaczyk


JEAN FRANÇAIX Theme et variations for clarinet and piano (start at 1h10’38”)

CLAUDE DEBUSSY Première Rhapsodie for clarinet and piano (start at 19’46”)

CAMILLE SAINT-SAËNS Sonata Op. 167 for clarinet and piano (start at 39’54”)

Clarinet Francois Draux clarinet - Piano Wioletta Fluda-Tkaczyk


Sunday 11 September: https://vimeo.com/747944666


JOHANNES BRAHMS Clarinet quintet Op. 115

(start at 13’37”)

Clarinet Francisco Cantó - Dafō String Quartet

MARCEL CHYRZYŃSKI Reflection No. 5 for clarinet and string quartet (Polish premiere)

start at 1h09’35”)

Clarinet Milan Rericha - Dafō String Quartet


Mission Statement

  • To enhance contact and communication among clarinetists and national clarinet associations.
  • To support - in experience and knowledge - activities and events in collaboration with those organisers and reach out to share all info: festivals, concerts, masterclasses, workshops, new compositions and/or publications, methods, competitions, results of competitions, results of Conservatories/Universities, research ....
  • To disseminate and share that information through a Facebook group.
  • To active promote the clarinet with the youth in this ever-evolving world.
  • To establish contact, communication and interaction with orchestral and solo performers, with education on all levels (beginners to professionals - schools, academies, conservatories, universities, private initiatives) and with the music industry.